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Friday, July 15, 2011

Stinky Lady...Homeless in Hawaii

Think back to the time you encountered a typical homeless person up close and personal.  Or, the time you smelled side walk urine.  Ok, take a deep breath.  Don't throw up!  Now imagine those smells to the 45th power on a city bus with the windows and doors closed.

People of the 50th state in the city of Honolulu have an issues with the "stinky lady" who lives at one of the cities many bus shelters.  Living in a bus shelter is not illegal.  Being funky is not illegal.  Nothing here is illegal, it's annoying.  Annoying to the point that the city decided to move the bus stop. 

Bus riders as well as the bus drivers have stated this woman's smell is nothing to play with.  Her smell is something fierce.  The stench would seep on to the bus while at the stop and would simply linger for miles and miles.  Can you imagine such a smell that wouldn't dissipate even with the window open.  WOW!

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