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Monday, July 11, 2011

Movies: TURK 182 (1985)

TURK 182 was recently on High Body Odor (HBO).  It's about a drunk of a fire fighter who was drunk (or had been drinking), and rushed into a burning building to save a little Spanish girl.  In the mix of things he gets seriously injured.  All government agencies turned their backs on him.  Him being Terry Lynch played by the late Robert Urich.  The government agencies turned their backs to him because he was was drunk (or had been drinking) during the time. He was off duty by the way.

Terry can't get any help so his younger brother Jimmy Lynch played by Timothy Hutton steps in.  He along with the help of Danielle "Danny" Boudreau played by the then future MILF Kim Cattrall.  Young Jimmy began a TURK 182 campaign throughout New York City via banners and graffiti.  In the process he embarrasses the mayor with the "Zimmerman Flew, Tyler Knew" statement.

In the end, the ending was happy.  This is a great throw back movie that's worth getting on DVD, Blu Ray (if available), VHS, or BETA.  Good luck with the VHS and BETA!

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