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Monday, July 25, 2011

Congressman David Wu...Oregon (D)

David Wu a.k.a. "Tony the Tiger" is a hot mess.  This mickey ficky needs to resign.  We don't think it's very becoming of a congress person to dress up in a tiger costume.  Dressing up for "Helloween", yes!  Dress up on regular day and you're not a mascot...hell no!  Even if a person does dress up (role play mode), don't send out pictures of it.

Another reason (as if there needs to be more) David "Wu-Tang Clan" should resign is due to the sex scandal involving a young woman.  Thank goodness it wasn't a tiger.  David claims it was consensual and of course the woman says other wise.  What's the deal with these congress persons and sex scandals?  What happen to the scandals involving bribery, kick backs, murder, blackmail, extortion, real estate fraud, and payoffs?  This is another example as to why we need to get rid of professional politicians.

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