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Monday, July 18, 2011

Shireen Nalley tried to kill Casey Anthony look alike

Shireen Nalley has that blank stare look that "Private Pyle" had before he killed his Drill Sergeant in the hit movie Full Metal Jacket.  Scarey right.  We know there isn't much going on in Oklahoma, so this situation is rocking the state.  Ms. Nalley has been caught up in the Casey Anthony trail verdict.  I mean, it's only obvious.  Simply because, who tries to elimiate a person who is a Casey Anthony look alike?  Do you think "Ms. Nalley from the Valley" knew the real Casey Anthony was still in jail on July 4, 2011?  Probably so. 

Sammay Blackwell, the victim here was minding her own business when "Mean Shireen" decided to run her off the road causing her vehicle to flip several times.  With a name like 'Shireen', her gradeschool teachers pretty much know she wasn't going to get far in life.  It's a good thing Ms. Blackwell wasn't killed.

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