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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 Miami Peach Police Officers FIRED!

You're fired!  Not the words Derick Kuilan and Rolando Gutierrez wanted to hear.  This is a page taken from the cult film Super Troopers.  Apparently Kuilan and Rolando were partying at a bar name Clevelander.  It's one of those trendy spots on South Beach where there's a lot of hoties.  Amongst other things, these frickin' morons were on duty, drinking, and taking pictures with a group of women who were there for a Bachelorette party.  Things got so wild to the point where several of the women though Kuilan and Gutierrez were part of the entertainment.  Kuilan "picked up" the actual slut Bachelorette and decided he wanted to give her a ride on his police issued ATV.  Which is a serious violation of policy and poor judgement on the part of the "bride" to be.

While out joy riding under the influence of tequila shots, Derick Kuilan drove on the beach sand without headlights and ran over 2 people who were waiting for the sun to rise.  One lady ended up in a coma, her buddy suffered a broken leg.  The "Bachelorette" suffered minor injuries and probably a cancelled wedding.  Folks, we can't make up this stuff!

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