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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nancy Grace..."I Blame the Jury"

The Jury is wrong unless things go my way

Good morning Florida, my name is Nancy Grace and "I BLAME THE JURY"!  Typical of Nancy Grace, a former Fulton County Georgia prosecutor. According to her, the jury of Casey Anthony's peers is at fault.  However, if the jury came back with a guilty verdict on all the major counts, then of course, the juror's would've been heros. 

One can only wonder why there's a shadow cast over the legal system.  Nancy Grace comes off as if she and her family were the victims.  She's only a media whore.  A media whore who couldn't wait for her close-up so she could weight in with her opinion.  Her opinions and tyrates are her livelyhood.  Just with all the other talking head estranged attoneys.

Nancy Grace is seriously capitalizing off the death of Caylee Anthony.  Just imagine the ratings for her televison show.  The money sponsers are spending.  She's capitalizing off American's fasincation with this case.  All in all she has a job to do and that's what it comes down to.  If she wasn't ranting and raving, going off, she wouldn't be on televison.  She would be irrelevent.  There is too much at stake, too many rounds to be made on the talk show circut for her not capitalize.

If Nancy Grace is so upset lets see what she does in the months to come in honor of Caylee Anthony.  Anything other than calling Casey Anthony "tot mom"!  I'll be watching and you do the same.

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