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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clark Howard...Is there a darkside?

Clark Howard gives some of the best consumer advise I ever heard.  He's a guru and he and his staff knows their stuff.  He seems to be too good to be true.  Maybe there's a dark side to him outside of his riff with Bank of America.

Not to speculate, but what if he's in the closet or what if he beats his wife?  Would coming out of the closet hurt his radio career.  Maybe in the "dirty" South, but not in other regions.  If he is a woman beater, he would be the most famous one since O.J. overthrew Ike Turner for the crown.  What if he's a "sheep shagger"?  To each his own but I'm pretty sure PETA would have a lot to say about that.

I listen to his show (by the way 75% of his show is reruns), and sometimes get weary of his "Leave It to Beaver" demeanor.  He uses terms like "sleezoid".  Come on now!  Who uses those types of terms?  He also refuses to be firm with the callers.  Some people call in as if they're looking for his blessings even though they've done some unscrupulous things.

As with anything, do your own research and question everything that doesn't seem right.

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