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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hines Ward...Suspected of D U I

Gosh darn it Hines!  You know what, I'm not going to make an opinion about this.  Lets stick to the facts.  Mr. Ward was pulled over because the police stated they saw his car veer out of control scraping the sidewalk.  Then when he was pulled him over they stated they smelled a STRONG odor of alcohol.  Of course the odor has to be STRONG or it wouldn't fit alleged infraction.

According to "officer Barbrady", Hines was upset about having to perform a field sobriety test, but he cooperated.  However, he didn't submit to the breathalyzer test.  He was taken into custody and later released from the DeKalb County jail on $1,000 bond.  The passenger of his Aston Martin was able to drive it away so that it would be impounded. 

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