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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Roy Williams...Gimme Back My RING!

Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is a frickin' dork.  This individual decided to mail his girlfriend an engagement ring.  The ring cost $76,000.  It appears that Mr. Williams isn't from planet Earth.  Simply because why on Earth would he propose via the United States Postal service. 

The jump off in question, well, her name is Brooke Daniels.  Brooke Daniels the 2009 Miss Texas USA that is.  She's pretty and she probably has some great sex skills.  All that aside, she has Roy looking like a damn fool.  Not only did he mail the ring, she said "hell no" to his marriage proposal.

To make matters worst, she said she lost the ring.  Gosh, talk about having a "Blonde Moment".  Then again, she probably was correct when she said she lost it.  Being that her father Michael Daniels had it.  Crazy right.  Roy, if you are reading this, leave that Barbie alone.  It seems like her and her family are just as crazy as you are.  It won't work man! 

I suggest Roy find him a nice brunette or an Irish red head chic with some big breast.  Once again Roy, leave those Barbies alone.

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