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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bristol Palin...My virginity was "STOLEN"

I don't think I'm a Slut

Bristol Palin adds to a laundry list of reasons why her mommy Sarah Palin will never be elected president if she ran.  As of late, young Bristol is running her mouth about losing her virginity.  The drama you ask?  Well this nut case is makes it look like she was raped.  By Levi Johnson that is.  She claims she was drunk and passed out when she lost her virginity.  No, better yet, she stated her virginity was "stolen". 

Cry me a river on that one.  This slut gone wild has been seen holding liquor bottles (as a teen) and is known to drink.  The night she lost her virginity sounds like a typical night.  She got drunk, had sex, passed out, and couldn't remember having sex.  Typical!

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